2022 - Now

Advisory council for the mayor and aldermen

Errol is part of the advisory board of the mayor and aldermen of the city of Rotterdam on topics like anti-racism and discrimination, sports and housing

Aanvoerdersband Rotterdam

As part of the ‘Embrace Rotterdam!’ campaign of the city of Rotterdam, Errol received a captain’s armband for his contribution to diversity and inclusion within sports. The initiative of Rotterdam Sportsupport stands for supporting each other, leadership, cooperation, and commitment.

Knighted by the City of Rotterdam

Errol received a Royal Distinction for his work at, amongst others, the Royal Dutch Athletics Union and his social contribution to the community

Founded Sports & Performance Centre SPC Rijnmond

SPC Rijnmond is a sports performance centre in Rotterdam where people from all walks of life are welcome to learn how to move better. Serving 8 different target groups, the performance centre puts movement at the heart of everything while working on the vitality, rehabilitation and health of athletes in the broadest sense - all while making a lasting social impact on the local community.

Honorary member at Rotterdam Atletiek

Honorary member at Rotterdam Atletiek after being a member of the club for over 48 years

Olympic Coach London

Personal coach Robert Lathouwers and Patrick van Luijk at the Olympic Games in London

Olympic Coach Bejing

Personal coach Robert Lathouwers and Patrick van Luijk at the Olympic Games in Bejing

Performance coach at Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association

Performance coach for the Dutch national selection of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games
1996 - 2000

Royal Dutch Tennis Association

Performance & fitness coach
1995 - 2000

Performance Coach Excelsior & FC Dordrecht

Performance coach focusing on running technique and endurance
1990 - 1995

Head Coach at Royal Dutch Athletics Union

Head Coach for relays